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28 April 2011

Sr. Software Engineer Los Angeles Jobs USA

Kontagent based in SF, CA is a well funded startup that is instrumental in providing web sites intricate information as to usage, utilization, and behavoir of customers. We have such firms as Electronic Arts, Gaia Interactive, News Corporation, and Pop Cap as a few of our customers. Kontagent, is now tracking more than 100 million monthly active Facebook users, or one in every six users on the social network. We are growing rapidly and are looking for the following key individuals to continue our growth.

Sr. Software Engineer LA Ca

Contribute to projects using extensive experience with data stores (MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.)
Develop business critical product and platform functionality primarily in C and/or Python
Build and lead a small team of engineers developing critical new products and functionality
Prepare project plans, define key deliverables, and manage to milestone dates
Regularly interface with key stakeholders (product management, account management, support, documentation specialists, etc...)
Provide forward thinking and thought leadership on new project initiatives and technologies

BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree (PhDs or PhD dropouts are a bonus)
Senior level experience with back-end services and data processing (7+ years)
Experience leading a team of engineers
Interest in and ability to work on tough scalability/ performance challenges for systems that handle terabytes of data
Extensive experience with data stores (MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.)
3 to 5+ years development experience with C/C++ and/or Python, and Linux

At Kontagent, we measure People, not Pages. We're the leading social analytics platform for application developers, and provide deep social behavioral analysis and data visualization resulting in actionable insights via a hosted, on-demand service. Our proprietary platform stack is used by the world's largest social application developers and platforms. We track more than 1,000 social applications, over 100 million monthly active users, and in excess of 10,000 messages every second. Please send your information toHerbnj@gmail. com

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