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19 May 2011

Mask Optimization – Software Engineer San Jose CA Jobs in USA

Mask Optimization – Software Engineer
Research and Development, D2S Inc.
Location: San Jose, CA

Company Background:
Design for Ebeam (DFEB) is a design and software approach to enhance the throughput of e-beam lithographic exposure. DFEB uses advanced projection technology combined with design and software techniques to reduce a design's required shot count, a key component in mask cost. D2S is a privately funded company developing advanced software platform for DFEB.

Position Responsibilities:
The Mask Optimization engineer will be responsible for implementation and support of mask synthesis features in the D2S system. The engineer will develop features, improvements and new methods to increase the value and productivity of the system. The ideal candidate will be able to build novel solutions with good software architecture and be responsive in a dynamic environment. The engineer will work in a team oriented, agile software culture.
Requirements: Principal Software Engineer (Highly skilled in optimization and scalability is a critical requirement for this role)

Strong knowledge and demonstrated results with complex algorithms, data structures and performance improvement.
Excellent skills in software architecture, development and debugging using C++ and libraries ( Boost, STL, Qt).
EDA background in either physical design / place and route / layout verification, lithography or mask simulation tools.
A strong interest and attitude towards quality and customer success
MS or PhD in CS/EE/Physics or equivalent
Authorization to work in US.

D2S is a premier player in ebeam technology. We are in the forefront of introducing disruptive technology that will enable chips to be made quicker, more efficient, and more affordable. We offer an excellent compensation/ benefits with lucrative stock options offered as well. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW, Please send your information to herbnj@gmail. com

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